About The Board of Education

  • The Rockaway Township Board of Education is comprised of seven members who are elected by citizens in a non-partisan election. The three-year terms, for which Board members receive no compensation, are staggered to ensure continuity of service.

    The Board’s most important role is two-fold: to represent the needs of the students and school district to the taxpayers and parents of the community and to express the concerns of the community to the superintendent. Its responsibilities, as defined in Title 18 A of the New Jersey Statues, include:

    •  Employing and evaluating the superintendent

    • Setting and evaluating policy

    • Approving curriculum

    •  Establishing district goals and working to secure public support and understanding of the goals

    • Adopting a fiscally sound operating budget

    The Board of Education works as a whole to review personnel, grievances and HIB (Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying). Committees and liaisons to various organizations each meet several times during the year and report back to the Board as a whole with recommendations when needed.

    Board of Education meetings are usually held twice a month beginning at 7:30pm in the Copeland Middle School cafeteria. Exceptions to this schedule are posted on the district website, along with meeting agenda a few days prior to each meeting.

    Parents and residents are encouraged to attend Board meetings to learn more about the Rockaway Township School District and to help ensure academic, social and emotional success for all its children. Time is allotted for public comments at the beginning and end of each meeting.

    Board members are not responsible for the day-to-day management of the schools. Please address issues and concerns with the most direct and appropriate level of staff (refer to organization chart). Doing so will ensure all matters are addressed promptly and effectively.

    For questions regarding district policy or to communicate with the Board, please send an email to: Boardmail@rocktwp.net. Please note that a copy of all correspondence will be sent to all of the Board of Education members, the Superintendent and Board Secretary.

Board Bulletin