• Rockaway Township Public Schools



    2018-2019 District Goals


    Goal 1  Communication:  Expand upon communication efforts that engage stakeholders in a multifaceted and comprehensive fashion.

    Goal 2  Instruction:  Foster an improved culture for learning through school action plans focused upon improving the quality of instruction through goal setting, meaningful supervision and coaching that is both embedded and sustained.

    Goal 3  Facilities and Security:  Continue the district focus and the ongoing priority of a safe and secure learning environment, inclusive of physical security, supports to promote the social-emotional well-being of students, and resources for staff.


    Peter Turnamian, Interim Assistant Superintendent,
    2018-2019 District: Goals

    Goal 1: Communication: C​ reate structures of communication within the District that promote awareness, consistency and staff input across grade levels and among all schools.

    Goal 2: Instruction:​Design a long range plan for literacy that incorporates teacher input, provides embedded coaching and teacher training in specialized technique.

    Goal 3: Facilities and Security:​Ensure that frameworks are in place that ensure student well-being inclusive of physical security, supports to promote social-emotional well-being of students and resources for staff.