Welcome to the Department of Technology

  • Our department is here to serve with one mission in mind:

    "To nurture a supportive culture that embraces individual diversity and infuses cutting edge technology that will ensure academic, social and emotial success in a global society."

    In a constant effort to support this mission, we:

    ⦁ Promote Digital Citizenship district-wide
    ⦁ Supply the latest technologies to promote student growth
    ⦁ Assist district staff with infusing technology into lessons
    ⦁ Assist district administration with technological needs
    ⦁ Maintain stability and security of all technology systems


    Networking: Managing over 1000 network accounts, 1500 workstations and mobile devices, 100 application and data servers, along with related peripheral device including printers, hubs, switches, routers, scanners, wireless etc.

    Data: Supporting management systems, academic assessment and data systems, providing local, state, and federal reporting, custom database design, and integration.

    ⦁ Systems 3000
    ⦁ Genesis
    ⦁ Renaissance Star Assessments

    Communication: Providing email, phone, web hosting, online and network collaboration and resource sharing.

    ⦁ e-mail: Web Mail Login

    Purchasing: Coordination of purchases with Schools and other departments

Department Members

  • Mr. Michael La Franca
    Network Support Technician
    973-627-8200, Ext. 209

    Mr. Edward Toth
    Network Support Technician
    973-627-8200, Ext. 245

    Ms. Anne Nicole Fisfis

    Data Manager

    973-627-8200, Ext. 248