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C.A.D. Principal's Message

  • See You In September!

    Dear Parents, Guardians and Students,

    I hope this message finds your summer off to a great start. Summer can be the best time of the year to spend quality time with family and friends and forget about school for a while. However, I also hope that you are doing some daily reading to keep your most important organ exercised your brain.   All students should keep up with at least 30 minutes of reading each day if possible to keep them on track for next year!  New brain research shows that reading is one of the best ways to build neuro-pathways that are vital to the development of adolescent brain growth. In fact, a study was recently done on summer reading. What it found was that students who did not read over the summer were 2-3 weeks behind their peers come September. That means it takes a student who does not read over the summer 2-3 weeks to catch up to their peers who did read over the summer, putting them at a significant academic disadvantage starting off the school year.

    A list of school supplies specific to the grade you will be in is on the Website. We hope you are able to find the best quality supplies at the best prices with this advance notice.

    Remember, each school year our student’s get to reinvent themselves. What we accomplished last year may have been great, but no one can rest on past accomplishments. Some of you may have not done your best last year, which is okay too; with each new school year, you get a fresh start. We encourage all students to participate in our school community by becoming involved in a variety of activities, as well as other events and happenings that are taking place throughout the school year. We want you to show your “Mustang” pride and most importantly to be an upstanding school citizen.

    I am honored to be your principal and am excited about this upcoming school year. Your teachers and I are currently attending workshops, creating the master schedule and planning for a successful 2018-2019 school year. Our outstanding custodial staff and secretaries are making sure the building and all the important behind-the-scenes effects are in top running order and ready for September.

    I want to invite parents, guardians and family members to get involved with the Dwyer Family and in forming that partnership with us to enhance your child’s educational experience.

    I already miss the constant buzz of our building during the school year and anxiously await everyone’s arrival on September 4th!

    Enjoy your summer!

    Mr. McGovern


    The Dwyer Family Goal is to engage and inspire our students to become independent thinkers equipped with 21st Century skills and a respect for all.