Catherine A. Dwyer

Elementary School

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Welcome to Catherine A. Dwyer

  • The Dwyer Family Goal is to engage and inspire our students to become independent thinkers equipped with 21st Century skills and a respect for all.


Principal's Message

  • Happy Summer!  We are going through our last days for the 2016-2017 school year and we have so much to be thankful for at our school!  Here are some much needed thank yous!

    • Thank you to our students for working so very hard each day! It is because of you we are all here! I hope your year was great and your summer is better!
    • Thank you to our parents! Your dedication to your children and the school is PRICELESS!
    • Thank you to the hardest working staff in Rockaway Township, every member of our team has done a wonderful job for our children!
    • Thank you PTA – your commitment to our children is fabulous! We are a true family due to your hard work and dedication to the children at our school!
    • Thank you to my office staff for making everyone’s life easier due to your knowledge and desire to ensure a smooth sailing ship!
    • Thank you Mr. Morales (Gus) for keeping our school so clean!
    • Thank you to our fifth grade students and parents!  You will not be forgotten!  You have given more to our school than could have ever been imagined!
    • Thank you Mrs. Reeves, Mrs. Keown, and Mr. Pinajian for giving your whole heart to the greatest profession anyone could have! We are proud of you now go and enjoy your grandchildren!

    These are but a few people who have impacted our school year in so many ways!  Our family is like branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one!  As some of us will be leaving for the last time and stretching your branches, remember Dwyer will always be a home for you and your family!

    For those of us returning, I will see you all in September! We have so many wonderful surprises for you when you return!  Remember to keep up on your reading over the summer!

    First day of school is on September 7, 2017!

    There is a supply list on the website for you as well!