Catherine A. Dwyer

Elementary School

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C.A.D. Principal's Message

  • Dear Parents/Guardians,


    The staff of the C.A. Dwyer Family truly hopes that you and your children enjoyed the summer vacation.  We are beginning another school year, and we welcome this prospect with great anticipation. Our doors will open on September 4, 2018 to all our family as we begin a new journey this year!  I am so very excited to have my family home once again!

    We are pleased to announce the newest members and some additional moves within of the Dwyer Family teaching staff:

    Teaching Staff:

    • Mrs. Diana Bain-Herbison will cover Mrs. Massaro’ s leave for the year in third grade
    • Miss Carly Farrell will join us in the fifth grade
    • Miss Melissa Marchand will join our first grade special education team
    • Mrs. Deborah Krog will cover Mrs. Meyer’s leave until the beginning of December
    • Mrs. Maria Martinez will be moving from fifth grade to an English Language Learner
    • Mrs. Sarah Florio and Mrs. Sharon Cohen will be joining our child study team


    Special thanks must go out to our PTA and custodial staff.  Their hard work and commitment in preparing our building and programs for the beginning of the year will be truly noticed.  A heartfelt thanks goes to Mrs. Andrea DeFilippo and Gustavo Morales for their dedication in assuring that all supplies and materials were ordered and delivered in a timely fashion and our building is up to standards for the first day of school.

    Again, we hope you enjoyed the summer vacation with your children.  We are looking forward to the upcoming school year.




    Michael J. Mc Govern                                                                                                                                    


    The Dwyer Family Goal is to engage and inspire our students to become independent thinkers equipped with 21st Century skills and a respect for all.