Committee Descriptions



    The Community Relations Committee oversees relationships with the major stakeholders within our district including but not limited to staff, parents and surrounding districts.It ensures that all public communication is well thought out and clearly presented to achieve maximum understanding of the intended purpose. Areas include community outreach, public presentations of the Board and key communicator issues. It ensures the use of information to increase efficiency in data management and facilitates better communication between and among constituents.



    The Education Committee assists the Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction in setting educational policies that focus on all of the district's instructional areas, with a lens on ensuring achievement for all student populations. and in guiding district curriculum and programs. It reviews curriculum, texts and programs selected by the administration in order to recommend Board adoption, carefully considering the issues and research related to the education of all children.  Ensuring resources are allocated and utilized in accordance with the Board’s short and long term educational and operational goals and objectives.



    The Operations Committee focuses on several areas: finance, security, technology, facilities, and shared services. Together with the Superintendent and Business Administrator it ensures the school board adopts a budget that sets student achievement as its highest priority and allocates sufficient resources to address instructional and operational needs.  It makes certain the district develops a Safety and Security Plan which assures a supportive and disciplined school environment. The committee ensures that the district's  long-range facilities and comprehensive maintenance plans are administered. In partnership with the Superintendent and Director of Technology, it discusses and addresses technology needs, trends, and budget.  



    Together with the Superintendent and Board Secretary, the Policy Committee oversees district policies to ensure consistency with federal and state laws, statutes and regulations.  In reviewing policy alerts it evaluates and revises existing policies and drafts new Board policies when appropriate making sure that policies are aligned with district goals. It presents drafts to the full Board and stakeholders for review, discussion and modification if indicated. The committee ensures that all Board of Education committees operate in accordance with policy governance.