About Rockaway Township Public Schools

  • The mission of the Rockaway Township Public School is to nurture a supportive culture that embraces individual diversity and infuses cutting edge technology that will ensure academic, social and emotional success in a global society. The Rockaway Township staff, in collaboration with the district administration and Board of Education, provides instruction and programs to fulfill the mission of the school district. The Rockaway Township School District community supports the work of our staff and schools, and in so doing, contributes significantly to the success and performance of our students.

    Nurturing a Supportive Culture
    School district personnel foster a supportive culture through daily classroom instruction as well as through school-wide events throughout the school year. This includes understanding how we live and work in a classroom, in a school and in a community. Supports are provided in many ways and in many areas of the school district to address individual and group academic and social needs.

    In partnership with our Parent-Teacher Association, our schools infuse cultural arts experiences, community service opportunities, and school-based celebrations to support student learning and success. The school district also works closely with the Rockaway Township Education Foundation, Rockaway Township Municipal Alliance, and Rockaway Township Substance Abuse Alliance to provide high quality programs for students.

    Embracing Individual Diversity
    Staff, students, and families participate in many opportunities to work, play, and celebrate school and neighborhood identity and belonging. These opportunities are incorporated through a diverse and welcoming school program including:

    • Academic support and interventions
    • Special education and related services
    • School-based counseling
    • School-based clubs and groups
    • Fine and performing arts
    • Gifted and Talented program
    • Wide array of technology applications and platforms

    Infusing Cutting Edge Technology
    Staff utilizes current technology to personalize educational experiences for our students. Technology tools are used to enhance classroom instruction and promote critical thinking, problem solving skills, and inquiry based learning. The district's goal is to provide an equitable learning environment with our use of technology to meet students' academic needs and promote achievement.

    Students and staff regularly use:

    • Laptop computers
    • Tablet devices
    • Computer labs for group instruction
    • Web 2.0 technologies (i.e. Google Drive, Office 365, etc.)
    • Interactive whiteboards
    • Assistive technology and support