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Welcome to Birchwood

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    Bulldog Book Club

    Another way we encourage reading and relationships at Birchwood Elementary School, is through our Bulldog Book Club.  During recess time, a reading activity is offered to all second-grade students at Birchwood School.

    In February, students were invited to sign up and participate in a book club.  Fifty-five names appeared on the list.  Since then, I have been taking groups of 10 -12 students to read and discuss a “Just Right Book” during recess.   Twice a week, students receive an invitation, during their classroom morning meeting, to meet me in my office after they finish their lunch.  We then go to a secret location and enjoy a book with one another.

    After we read, we enjoy a chat and snack!  Often times, the students create posters or other projects to highlight the book they read and the skill or strategy they practiced. 

    Some of the books we have read thus far include,  Biscuit’s Big Friend, Just Lost!, Poppleton, Maria Joins the Team, and The Chocolate Covered Worms.






    Welcome to Birchwood 


    The mission of Birchwood School is to support all students in reaching their highest potential.  We are dedicated to developing the whole child, with an emphasis on the social, emotional, intellectual, and physical wellness necessary to find individual success.  Our school community is committed to supporting our students in channeling these strengths toward achieving their academic goals by providing a warm and nurturing climate where children are free to grow!


     Important Update - District Water Testing - Birchwood School

Principal's Message

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    Dear Birchwood Elementary School Families,

    I hope all of you were able to enjoy a relaxing summer break. As August quickly comes to an end we are eager to welcome you and your child(ren) back to Birchwood Elementary School for the start of 2018-19 school year on Tuesday, September 4th

     Over the last month I have been spending a lot of time at Birchwood getting to know the building, staff, the school’s community, and bringing myself up to date on Birchwood’s school improvement goals, as well as starting to hear about what makes Birchwood such a unique and special place. I have had the opportunity to gather knowledge, insight, and articulate with my fellow administrators at a three-day leadership retreat where we were exposed to various educational workshops and training seminars. It was very clear from this experience that I was among dedicated and energized colleagues with a strong sense of pride for both the district and the community. Birchwood is a place where strong connections are made between the home and school and where all staff members are committed to developing the whole child. I value both of these characteristics and I am excited to help continue moving Birchwood along the path of excellence. For me, the first day of school can’t get here fast enough as I am really eager to get to know all of you and your child(ren).

    In my eyes, one of the most important aspects of my work as Birchwood’s principal is building solid relationships with students, families, and teachers. It will be very important to me to be in the hallways, classrooms, and on the playground getting to know your child(ren). In my past experience, I have found that students really appreciate a person who genuinely invests in them and who is fair in decision making. These two things are extremely important to me.

    In addition to building strong relationships with all of you, it will be particularly important to me to make sure that your child is excited to come to school each day ready to learn. I encourage all of you to attend Back to School Night on Monday, September 24th.  In addition, I welcome everyone for a Principal Meet and Greet on Thursday, September 13th. Please join me for donuts and casual discussion from 6:00-7:00 PM.  Our 2018-19 school theme will be, “Learning is an ADVENTURE.” The staff has chosen this theme as a way to ignite student learning, generate excitement, and foster creativity throughout the school year.

    I feel very fortunate to have joined the amazing group of educators here at Rockaway Township. I thank you again for welcoming me as a part of this great community!




    Jennifer Macones




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