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  • Stony Brook is very proud of the 4th grade recycling team.  The team was honored by the Morris County Municipal Utilities Authority at a luncheon at Frelinghuysen Arboretum in Morristown on May 12, 2017.  The students enjoyed a delicious catered meal and presented some valuable recycling tips to the audience.  The students proudly wore their recycling shirts provided to them by the MCMUA as they received the  “It’s S’cool to Recycle” award.  The plaque is on display in the Stony Brook main entrance.  
    The Stony Brook Recycling Team was started in October 2016 with 18 4th grade students who volunteered to participate in this service learning project. The students initially met 1-2 days per week during recess to research the purpose and need for recycling at school and at home. They also signed up for 1-2 days per month to collect the recyclables from the classrooms during their recess period. They made posters to hang around the school and ID badges to wear while they were performing recycling pickups. In order to communicate the recycling goals to the other students and staff, the team made a brief video to be viewed by each classroom.
    The students are excited to participate in the recycling activities and share stories about how they recycle in school and at home. The younger students look forward to joining the recycle team when they are in 4th grade. Next fall, this year's recycle team members will train the incoming 4th graders on how to make the daily pickups. Although there were only 18 students in the original recycling club, all of the 4th graders have the opportunity to assist in the daily recycling pickups. Our school is very proud of the efforts that the students and staff are making to protect our environment.   
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  • School Hours

    8:18 - 2:48

    Early Dismissal Days - 8:18 - 12:48

    Delayed Opening Days - 10:18 - 2:48

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    The Stony Brook students and staff made over 30 gallons of vegetable soup for the soup kitchen in Dover. Every classroom had a crockpot cooking!  Vegetables were harvested from the Stony Brook courtyard garden and donated by students to make the delicious soup!

    Mr. Wisniewski made soup in his office!
    Mrs. Meade made soup in the computer lab!


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  • SB Adopted a Dolphin

    Great news! Our Adopt a Dolphin fundraiser was a great success. Thanks to the generous donations from our Stony Brook students and families, we were able to raise $250 to symbolically adopt a dolphin and donate to the World Wildlife Fund! WWF’s mission is to conserve nature and reduce the most pressing threats to the diversity of life on Earth. WWF is working to secure a living ocean to achieve a vision where resilient oceans harbor living resources and functioning ecosystems that support rich biodiversity, food security and sustainable livelihoods. Thanks to our donations, we have contributed to this amazing initiative.  

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