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    August 24, 2017

    Recent editorial comment accuses the Rockaway Township School District of failing to address bullying, and ignoring pleas for help from Mallory Grossman’s family. Local press also contends the school district has a duty to immediately reveal relevant facts.

    The Rockaway Township School District would like nothing more than to respond. In our judgment, the public has heard only one side of the story and we recognize public comment could ease parental concerns.

    Two reasons preclude The Rockaway Township School District from publicly discussing this matter. First, the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office has from the outset of its investigation asked us not to discuss it. We must respect and honor that request. Next, the district’s legal counsel also directs us even now to refrain from public comment. We will comply with that directive as well.

    The District however, is permitted to correct misinformation. The allegation that the Rockaway Township School District ignored the Grossman family and failed to address bullying in general, is categorically false.

    As this case is formally adjudicated, the District and its legal counsel are confident the public will recognize and appreciate its thoughtful and purposeful actions. Further, our counsel believes the actions of others in this case will also be viewed quite differently from that which is presently portrayed.

    Our new school year is here. The Rockaway Township School District continues its commitment to the safety and security of all of our students. We urge restraint with regard to public accusations and misinformation pertaining to this case, for none of it will ease tragic loss of life.


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