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    Rockaway Township Schools...Opening minds, opening worlds so that every child's potential becomes a reality and challenges become opportunities for personal success!

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    To nurture a supportive culture that embraces individual diversity and infuses cutting edge technology that will ensure academic, social and emotional success in a global society.

Superintendent's Message

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    April 28, 2017


    Dear Rockaway Township School District Parents and Guardians,

    You may or may not be aware of issues that have arisen recently in the school district regarding staffing for the 2017-2018 school year.

    Let me begin by saying that the district, and all districts in New Jersey, are required by law to either offer employment or a letter of nonrenewal such as a RIF (Reduction in Force) letter by May 15 of each year to employees. We have sent this notification to all of our non-tenured staff as well as to all of our staff assistants. Anyone who received a RIF letter may be rehired after the May 15 date as the needs are warranted.

    By providing the letters we sent out we are legally protecting the school district as well as protecting the employees’ rights. Last year, we provided this notification to most of the staff assistants in the district as well as some of our non-tenured staff.

    Because we are reviewing each school's enrollment, class sizes and sections, programs and services, we are not ready at this time to offer employment to these staff members. As we finalize our staffing needs, we will be rehiring as soon as possible. We underwent a similar process last year.

    Many of the staff effected by these letters will be offered re-employment as soon as we finalize these numbers and program needs. We will not be leaving classes without qualified, dedicated and child-centered teachers and staff.

    Our goal is to provide an excellent education for all of the students in Rockaway Township. It is not to cut programs or opportunities for our students. I hope this information is helpful to you.

    Also, Mr. Alfonso Gonnella, Copeland Middle School Principal, will be making a presentation at our May 3 Board of Education Meeting to discuss the current state of our middle school and opportunities for student. He will update the Board and those present with achievement of building goals and progress at Copeland.




       Dr. Greg McGann


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